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Edward Meadors

Professor of Biblical Studies

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Edward Meadors

Professor of Biblical Studies


  • PhD, New Testament Exegesis, The University of Aberdeen (1993)
  • MA, New Testament, Wheaton College Graduate School (1989)
  • BA, English Literature, Wheaton College (1986)


Advice to Incoming Freshmen

  1. Say “yes” to the things you really want to do. Say “no” to the things you can’t commit to fully or only have a partial interest.
  2. Keep your quiet times. Find a place in the library, prayer chapel, wherever, but maintain your personal relationship with God through prayer, devotional time in the Bible, and church attendance.
  3. Prioritize things of eternal value: your relationship with God and your relationship with others. And maintain healthy communication with your family—they’ll be there for you long after your formal education ends.
  4. Think about the consequences of the fun, crazy things you find yourself wanting to do. Have a ton of fun, but use self-control when outcomes might hurt others or damage property.
  5. Be strong! Say “no” to pornography and premarital sex. Your standard of behavior is the benchmark set by your Lord. Your calling is to be Holy as your Heavenly Father is Holy. You’ll be glad in this world and in the next.

Why I Enjoy Teaching at Taylor

Teaching at Taylor is a great privilege and joy for a host of reasons. First, I have the privilege of teaching subjects that I love and engage with regularly in my leisure time. I am an avid student of Scripture. The content of Biblical Studies is itself an inspirational stimulus for teaching. Second, my calling from God is to serve in the ministry of making disciples for Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20). Teaching at Taylor provides a strategic environment for accomplishing this goal. Third, I love teaching at Taylor because of the intimate rapport I enjoy with Taylor students and Taylor faculty colleagues. The community life at Taylor is special. Fourth and finally, I enjoy living and working in the small, close-knit town of Upland, Indiana.


Amateur tree farmer, all sports, and cleaning horse stalls :)

Major Career Accomplishments

Ed Meadors has 17 years experience teaching on the undergraduate level at Taylor University and 2 years of graduate teaching experience at Beeson Divinity School. He continually teaches Sunday school to all ages, leads a nursing home Bible teaching ministry, and teaches each spring at a local state penitentiary. He has written 3 books: Jesus the Messianic Herald of Salvation (1995); Idolatry and the Hardening of the Heart (2006); and Creation, Sin, Covenant, and Salvation (2011). He has authored book reviews, journal articles, and book chapters for a variety of publications. Ed has coordinated and led student trips to Honduras, Turkey, Greece and Italy. Ed and his wife, Kathy, have three children: Edward Jr., (b. 1990), Davis (b. 1993), and Mary Katherine (b. 1995).

Featured Publications

Jesus the Messianic Herald of Salvation
Authors: Edward P. Meadors
Publisher: Mohr Sieback, 1995
Where Wisdom May Be Found: The Eternal Value of Integrated Christian Education
Authors: Edited by Edward P. Meadors
Publisher: Wipf and Stock (2019)
Idolatry and the Hardening of the Heart: A Study in Biblical Theology
Authors: Edward P. Meadors
Publisher: T & T Clark (2006)
Creation, Sin, Covenant, and Salvation: A Primer for Biblical Theology
Authors: Edward P. Meadors
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishing, 2011