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Donna Downs

Associate Professor of Communication

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Donna Downs

Associate Professor of Communication


  • EdD, Adult, Community, and Higher Education—Journalism, Ball State University (2005)
  • MA, English and Communication, Ball State University (1988)
  • BA, English and Speech Communication, Indiana University—Bloomington (1980)


Advice to Incoming Freshmen

As you leave home, don’t forget your roots. Whether life before college was great or greatly difficult, you can draw myriad lessons from your upbringing.

When you come to college, don’t forget to save some time for just you and God. So many events, fun activities, and responsibilities will challenge you to give up this important time of growth and learning.

Determine your life mission statement and make decisions correlated to it. Helpful read to formulate mission statement: The Path by Laurie Beth Jones.

Why I Came to Taylor

I came to Taylor as an adjunct professor in 1987 and quickly grew to love its mission, its students, its values. As I’ve aged, Taylor has become a dedicated friend, more precious than gold. Students revitalize campus each fall. Watching frightened freshmen grow into settled seniors, ready to meet the world, is both gratifying and humbling. So many of my life’s pages are full of paragraphs written by those who have entered my door, sat in my office, cried with me, laughed with me and learned with me.


Writing, reading, spending time with family and friends, taking photographs, and listening to 70s music. I also enjoy board games and playing with my grandkids.

Major Career Accomplishments

I have written an unpublished fiction book, meaningful stories highlighting the lives of Christ followers, numerous personal narrative essays, and more than a hundred poems. I hold a teaching license for 7-12 grade English and speech and am certified to work with people in regard to Emotional Intelligence. I also continue to take courses, putting myself back in the classroom to continue to see life from a learner’s perspective and better understand my students’ point of view.