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Daryl Sas

Visiting Professor of Biology

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cell biology introductory genetics


  • PhD, Cell & Developmental Biology, University of Minnesota

Career Highlights

  • Recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award at Geneva College for the 1990-1991 and 2020-2021 academic years.
  • Recipient of the Excellence in Scholarship Award at Geneva College for the 2002-2003 academic year.
  • Granted tenure at Geneva College in January of 1994. Included submission of an integration thesis entitled, A Biblical Perspective on the Nature of Scientific Activity.

Featured Scholarship

Sas, D. F. and H. Martin Lawrenz. 2017. CRISPR-Cas9: The Latest Fashion in Designer Babies. Ethics & Medicine 33:2 Summer 2017, p. 81-95.

Martin, H. B. and D. F. Sas. 2015. Autonomy vs. Selflessness at the End of Life. Ethics & Medicine 31:2 Summer 2015, p. 109-123.

Sas, D. F. 2004. A New Temptation? The Case Against Embryonic Stem Cell Research. The Genevan Fall 2004, p. 21-25.