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Arthur White

Professor of Computer Science & Engineering

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Contact Information


  • EdD, Biology—Computer Science, Ball State University (1985)
  • MA, Computer Science, Ball State University (1984)
  • MS, Biology, Ball State University (1981)
  • BS, Biology, San Diego Christian College (1979)

Career Highlights

Over the course of his career, Dr. Art White has spent 25 years of teaching at TU, 8 years of IT consulting with various corporations in the medical and defense industries, and linguistic software development for SIL.


Advice for Incoming Freshman

Learn to use your time in a disciplined way. Discipline produces freedom to enjoy spontaneous activities without guilt. Prioritize your time. Do the most important things first, after you have had your dedicated time fellowshipping with Jesus Christ each day. Enjoy your time at Taylor. God made us to be relational. Seek to know and enjoy fellow students, and allow God to use you to lift them up. Whenever possible, work with others on projects (if allowed) and study sessions. It makes academics even more enjoyable!

Why I enjoy Teaching at Taylor

I love teaching at Taylor. The administration and my colleagues are supportive, with a minimum of politics and theatrics often found in other organizations! The students at Taylor are fantastic. Many of them are serious about their pursuit of learning, and based on interactions I have had with them, many are serious about following Jesus Christ. I love the times of worship in the chapel when the whole Taylor family exalts our God, and sound Biblical teaching with emphasis on application to daily life is delivered on a regular basis. Taylor appears to be a rare blend of freedom, grace and pursuit of intense academics under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


Reading (especially A.W. Tozer, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams, George MacDonald), running, lifting, walking, gardening, and sailing a 16’ Hobie