A Christian Liberal Arts University, Est. 1846

Tyler Witzig

Hall Director of Sammy Morris
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Why I Came to Taylor

My family has a motto: “Witzigs never give up.” It’s been part of the legacy of the Witzig family for generations. To us, this motto means that we remain steadfast to our faith and our family through thick and thin. The legacy of my family has greatly shaped my life and my character in profound ways. It’s also serendipitous that Witzig means “funny or witty” in German, and I love a good joke.

I am honored to step into another family with a great heritage: Samuel Morris. Samuel Morris Hall is known for its tight-knit community, lively traditions, and loyal fellowship, but it is best-known for its namesake, Samuel Morris—a man who saw Jesus as the pearl of great price and went to great lengths to know and serve Him.

As a Hall Director, I am passionate about leading the men of Morris to a deeper love of Christ and a commitment to selfless service, carrying on the legacy established for us by Samuel Morris himself. The residence hall provides such a great opportunity to live out our faith alongside one another as we encounter the joys and challenges that life brings. I first got a taste of residence life at Wheaton College, where I earned my undergraduate and master’s degrees. I am also particularly indebted to residence life, because that is how I met my wife, JoAnna.

We value the unique opportunity we have to live alongside students in such a formative chapter of life. We are excited to be part of the Sammy Morris family.