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Morgan Morris

Graduate Assistant, First Year Experience
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Why I Came to Taylor

I absolutely love spending time with family and friends, getting to know people, and investing in the lives of others. I enjoy being a part of others' lives especially through teaching and performing. There are few things in the world that make me happier than when I am able to help someone learn or make someone laugh.

I came to Taylor University because I am passionate about educating the whole person, and I believe that Taylor does that incredibly well. Taylor desires students to learn and grow academically, personally, and spiritually. By focusing on these areas, students not only become better students, but they also become better people. I feel so blessed to be a part of an institution that is generating learners and leaders through intentional, holistic education. 

During your time at Taylor University, God will work in ways that you hope and pray for, but He will also work in ways that you never expected. Do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and stretch yourself. I find that we often learn and grow the most when we go beyond the existing boundaries of what we expect, are comfortable with, or think we are capable of.