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Rev. Jon Cavanagh

Campus Pastor
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I have done things like a coast-to-coast bike trip, a motorcycle trip around the west, and trips to 10 different countries. But I guess what all this has taught me is the value of the purpose behind my activity.  I’m concerned about the quality of my interaction with others and am constantly battling to be fully present with people. 

As a hall director, quality interactions are important. My role is to be a disciple and make myself present during a crucial period in students’ lives.  For many students, their residence life experience at Taylor has become one of the strongest links in their chain of faith.

Wolgemuth Hall and other off campus housing is primarily for seniors. The senior year here is the first time most students are thinking long and hard about life outside of Taylor.  Preparation for the following year involves a number of brand new challenges for every graduating student. I get to be a part of helping equip and encourage students in this process of transition.

I began my college career by attending Bowling Green State University, majoring in Graphic Design.  I transferred to Taylor during my sophomore year and graduated in 1998 with a BA in Christian Education.  After working for a while, I went back to school while pastoring and earned my MDiv from Winebrenner Theological Seminary. I have worked in residence life at Taylor, Northwestern College (IA), and Asbury University (KY). I currently reside in Wolgemuth Hall with my wife Kara and three-year-old daughter Phoebe.