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Jessica Martin

Graduate Assistant
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Why I Came to Taylor

Within Higher Education, there exists a beautiful balance. Higher Education values the learning that happens in the classroom while it increasingly affords students the ability to gain insight in new ways—through relationships, in residence halls, and by means of campus programs. At the heart of this learning lies empowering engagement, a concept that resonates with my heart. As we engage with the vastly different people, ideas, worldviews, interests, and cultures that exist on campuses, we allow our own identities, worldviews, and dreams to take shape. The way the MAHE program intentionally engages its graduate students, and in doing so prepares them to engage others, is a large part of what drew me to the program.

Prior to Taylor, I attended Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida, where I received my B.S. in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry along with a Biblical Studies minor. My interest in Student Development was spurred on by my undergraduate involvement in Residence Life during my years at PBA. My undergrad experience afforded me the opportunity to grow and be challenged as a student, professional, and individual; it would be a privilege to help foster similar experiences for others.

This all being said, I fully believe in the mission of Taylor University and of MAHE, and am ready to embark on a new and different journey here in Indiana. I am immensely excited to be serving in the MAHE office during the next two years. The unique opportunities I will have to actively participate in the development of this program, to serve incoming students, and to support current students are blessings. I am grateful for the many ways that I will grow and develop both under the leadership of some of the most gifted and capable professionals in the field and through genuine relationships with an intentional community of students who will inspire the future of the field!

To hear more about Jessica's experience in the MAHE program or for more information about the program, please contact her at Jessica_martin@taylor.edu