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Yang Zhao

Assistant Professor of Engineering
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active disturbance rejection control adaptive control back-stepping control control systems electric motors observer design power systems sliding mode control surface vehicles
  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, Cleveland State University (2019)
  • MS, Electrical Engineering, Cleveland State University (2013)
  • BS, Electrical Engineering, Shenyang University of Technology (2009)


Advice to Incoming Students

Pursue a balanced life on faith, learning, and community. You might be overwhelmed with courses, assignments, and extracurricular. Please stand firm in the faith. Seek God for wisdom and strength for he will lighten your burdens. Attending classes is the best way to learn knowledge efficiently. However, organizing information and reading extended materials outside classes makes you an expert in your field of study. Participating community activities would expand your horizons and help you to be successful.

Why I Enjoy Teaching at Taylor

I enjoy teaching at Taylor because it provides a harmonic environment for the faculty, staff, and students to care, support, and grow together. The Christ-centered culture encourages everyone to serve God and to serve one another. The personal interactions establishes a strong bond to hold Taylor as a unity. The excellent school leaders help the faculty, staff, and students to become better and stronger.


Hiking, cooking, reading, and piano playing.