A Christian Liberal Arts University, Est. 1846

Solomon Abebe

Professor of Education
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  • conducting workshops
  • curriculum & instruction
  • public school administration
  • science (biology)
  • training teachers
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Advice to incoming students

  • Be yourself, do good, and help out someone else.
  • When things get tough, know that there is always someone to go to.

Why I Came to Taylor

I was assistant principal at Dennis Middle School in Richmond for three years. Those were lonely and stressful three years.  The position at Taylor was made available at the time when I was uncertain which turn to take. 


Gardening and jogging are my most therapeutic hobbies which I enjoy every day including the winter season.

Major career accomplishments

As the saying goes, “When one need is fulfilled, it leads to the next one.”  In my case, I count all my little victories that will lead to a big one someday.  At this point earning my PhD followed by going to Ethiopia on sabbatical for one semester is HUGE!