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Renata Kantaruk

Instructor of TESOL
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  • adult esl
  • adult esl literacy
  • intercultural issues in tesol
  • pedagogical grammar
Faculty Profile

Advice to incoming students

The highest priority, hands down, must always be maintaining a vibrant personal relationship with God through the reading of His Word and prayer. Without it, it is impossible to maintain spiritual and emotional health or a proper sense of direction.

Why I Came to Taylor

I came to Taylor after marrying a Taylor professor, and moving to the US to join him. I have greatly enjoyed the nourishing, intentional, and challenging atmosphere of the school, and interacting with my colleagues and students.


Reading, gardening, international cuisine, travel, personal growth

Major career accomplishments

ESL/EFL instructor and teacher educator with 20 years of diverse professional experience in Central Europe and North America.