A Christian Liberal Arts University, Est. 1846

Phil Collins

Director of Scripture Engagement and Professor of Christian Ministries
Faculty Profile

Advice to incoming students

The faculty in this department are a joy to work alongside of and we all believe our undergraduate students compare with the best any other college has to offer.  This is a place of deep Christian learning and spiritual growth.  I’d personally love to encourage you to come and check us out.

Why I Came to Taylor

I am a professor in the Christian Ministries (CM) program.  The focus of CM is on spiritual formation.  Our prayer is that we will prepare spiritually maturing ministry leaders who facilitate the processes of spiritual formation in others for compassionate and effective service to the Church and the world. 
I have been teaching at Taylor for 26 years, 7 as an adjunct Prof and 19 full-time.  Before Taylor I was in full-time ministry for 16 years (in church and parachurch youth ministries).  Though I will always have a heart for and deep interest in youth ministry, my current areas of focus are in Scripture engagement, leadership, spiritual formation, and ministry programming. 
It is a “dream come true” for me to be a professor at Taylor.  I graduated from Taylor and the department I now teach in 1982.  It was during my time as a student at Taylor that I felt like the ground work for my own spiritual walk and ministry life was developed.  It is my hope and desire to invest in the lives of students in the same way my Taylor Profs impacted me during my college years.

Major career accomplishments

Along with teaching in the CM program, I’m also the Co-executive Director of the Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement (TUCSE).  The TUCSE helps to train people both on campus and around the world in the practices of how to engage Scripture for spiritual formation.  We have a robust training, research and clearinghouse programs within the Center.  Many of our CM students are involved with researching over 50 articles written for Bible Gateway that have been viewed by millions of people from all over the world.  I also am excited to participate in Taylor’s theology institute for high school students called Empower.