Jonathan Geisler

Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
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  • PhD, Computer Engineering, Northwestern University (2003)
  • MS, Computer Engineering, Northwestern University (1999)
  • BS, Computer Science/Systems, Taylor University (1994)

Advice to Incoming Students

Don’t enter college as if it is going to be the best time of your life. What kind of depressing life would it be to find out you’ve just graduated and everything is downhill from there? College is amazing and prepares you to embark on the ever-improving journey of life. Seize the opportunity to develop

  • friendships that will deepen for a lifetime,
  • an attitude of learning that will keep you seeking for more of life than what you already have, and
  • most importantly, your relationship with Christ by truly making it come alive to you.

Why I Came to Taylor

I came here as a student in 1991 and a faculty member in 2002 for the same reason: it was the best blend of computer science academics and pursuit of God that I could find. I have never had to sacrifice one for the other in any way. That was not as true at the other schools I looked at each time.


Games (board, cards, groups, etc.), raising my three daughters with my lovely wife, and running (have completed two marathons to-date)

Major Career Accomplishments

I have been in academia my whole life. After graduating from Taylor, I worked at Argonne National Laboratory in Chicagoland doing research on grid computing before going to Northwestern to do my graduate studies. I immediately went into teaching at Taylor after finishing my Ph.D. at Northwestern.