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Jeanne Sigworth

Assistant Professor of Communication
  • MSM, Indiana Wesleyan University (1993)
  • BA, Oklahoma Wesleyan University (1979)


Advice to Incoming Students

  • Find balance in life
  • Engage in the community atmosphere of Taylor University
  • Practice time management
  • Communicate with your professors
  • Call your mom or text her often (my son is a Taylor grad—updates encourage parents)

Why I Enjoy Teaching at Taylor

The passion I have for teaching emerges from the desire to empower and equip students with experiences, knowledge, and wisdom gained from over 25 years in the corporate world. Diverse examples of actual case studies brings teaching to life. It gives a factual, personal, and powerful perspective to concepts and methodologies. I continually challenge students and supplement the learning experience with elements of critical thinking that give them a seamless empowerment for future life application, choices, decision making, analysis, and a greater global interdependence.


Hiking; exploring antique shops; reading novels and historical books; spending time with family and granddaughter; listening to Classical, Gospel, and Celtic music; and watching my favorite movies: The Passion of Christ, The Hiding Place, The King and I, Gone with the Wind, Dances with Wolves, Romancing the Stone, and most documentaries featuring historical facts.

Major Career Accomplishments

Jeanne R. Sigworth has over 27 years as a Professor of Adult Education, both as a full time professor and adjunct professor for multiple universities thorughout Indiana. For 18 years Jeanne held two senior level (V.P.) positions with an international and two privately owned corporations. Mastered areas of expertise included private administration, corporate training, decision making, budget controls, forecasting, staff placement, marketing plans, human relations, risk management, strategic planning, and conducting training seminars for corporations, event planning, collaborative grant writing, and speaking at national conventions. Worked directly with private investors in corporate buy out procedures.