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Brandon Magers

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
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  • PhD, Chemistry, University of Georgia (2014)
  • BS, Chemistry, Mississippi College (2009)

Advice to Incoming Students

Don’t sit in your room. Go out and experience your time at Taylor to the fullest. Go to campus events whether you feel like watching or participating. Try out a new, interesting class even if it is outside your major. Get to know your professors by sitting and talking with them one on one. Make friends that have different worldviews than you.

Why I Came to Taylor

I came to Taylor because I believe it provides an opportunity for students to earn a quality education in an atmosphere that is supporting and encouraging. The Taylor community is a strong one that will build relationships that will last long past a student’s time here. I am excited to be joining the Taylor faculty.


Brandon enjoys soccer, movies, and christian apologetics.

Major Career Accomplishments

I received my Ph.D. at the University of Georgia at the Center of Computational Quantum Chemistry. My research thus far has focused on the application of molecular quantum mechanics and more specifically, the use of electronic structure theory to discover high accuracy physical properties. I am also interested in developing computational tools to aid in teaching chemical concepts in undergraduate classrooms and labs.