A Christian Liberal Arts University, Est. 1846

Tim Herrmann

Graduate Chair & Professor of Higher Education
  • PhD, Higher Education Administration and Leadership, Indiana State University (2005)
  • MA, Counseling, The Ohio State University (1977)
  • BA, History, Taylor University (1975)


Why I Enjoy Teaching at Taylor

I teach at Taylor primarily because I love the way that this institution “fleshes-out” Christian liberal arts higher education. I am convinced that there is no other place that has so uniquely operationalized whole-person education in a way that so vitally connects students’ “in-class” and “out-of-class” experiences. I suppose I must also confess that I like Taylor’s heartland location. There is something about being surrounded by the natural beauty of the creation that seems to help me to connect to God, those around me and the natural rhythms of life.


Although in this sort of endeavor the lines between work and play are a bit blurred (I think that’s a good thing) I do have several ways that I like to spend my time. I have had three past times that have been a consistent aspect of most of my life: music, cycling and reading. I love music, both listening and playing guitar, and the labels that best describe the genres I like best are Americana and folk/folk-rock. Cycling has also been a big part of my life. Though just a few years ago I was still racing, these days my competitive cravings are fulfilled very satisfactorily by following professional cycling. Although I still love to ride, it is very leisurely pace. Of course I love to read—all sorts of things both fiction and otherwise. Needless to say, more than these things I enjoy spending time with my family! Our two grandsons are our favorite past-time now and we look forward to every opportunity we get to be with them!

Major Career Accomplishments

Tim is Professor and Graduate Director of the M.A. in higher education and student development program. Tim has also served in a variety of other roles including Dean of Assessment, Associate Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean of Students. A past-president of the Association for Christians in Student Development and co-founder/co-editor of Growth: The Journal of the Association for Christian in Student Development.