Jon Denning

Department Co-Chair & Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
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  • PhD, Computer Science, Dartmouth College (2014)
  • BA, Computer Science & Mathematics, Tabor College (2009)

Why I Came to Taylor

I came to Taylor to teach at a liberal arts university where God is not just taught but is the focus, the foundation of all knowledge. The first thing I noticed in the faculty and students when I stepped on campus was their deep love for God and love for others.


Jon enjoys spending time with his family, paintball, programming, graphics, and playing guitar.

Major Career Accomplishments

The figure below visualizes the changes performed by an artist creating a 3D model of a hydrant. Each sub-figure summarizes a sequence of operations. The visual annotations that highlight new geometry (ex: green faces with yellow arrows) and reshaped geometry (blue dots) are generated fully automatically.