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Dae-Hyun Jin

Department Co-Chair & Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
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advanced heat exchanger manufacturing aluminum auto-brazing auto-brazing brazing material & manual energy systems optimization heat and mass transfer heat exchangers heat exchanger test laboratory hvac system design thermal system design two-phase flow
  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland (2006)
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, Korea University (1993)
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Korea University (1991)


Advice to Incoming Students

Small wins will lead to a big success, so don't be afraid of any course. Start with small things, such as the full understanding of one problem, or a concept; then you will have the confidence to succeed in a course.

Why I Came to Taylor

My God, I believe, through Jesus Christ, led me to a Ph.D. study through His clear guidance. At that time, I intuitively knew that I would become a faculty member in higher education, but I didn't know when to start and where I would work. In 2018, my God let my family and me know that I need to start to work in academia. So, I began searching for the right university. During my search, my God graciously guided me to Taylor University through a clear sign, after multiple family prayers.


Table tennis and listening to CCM music.

Major Career Accomplishments

I received my Ph.D. in 2006 from the University of Maryland at College Park. The research work experimentally and numerically investigated the refrigerant distribution in the evaporator manifolds for residential and automobile applications. The objective of the work was to provide essential design information for micro-channel type evaporators (or multi-port type evaporators) by conducting an experimental study on the effects of geometry, operating conditions, and fluid properties on the distribution of refrigerant and pressure drop in heat exchanger manifolds. Before I began my Ph.D. study, I worked for LG Electronics Co., Seoul, Korea as a Senior Research Engineer at the Home Appliance Division Research Center for about 10 years. After getting my Ph.D., I had an opportunity to work for Lennox International Inc. as a Senior Principal Mechanical Engineer for about 12 years. During my tenure at the company, I led programs such as developing aluminum coils and created advanced manufacturing technologies, and I also introduced and installed state-of-the-art heat-exchanger-performance test laboratory equipment. So far, I have received seven patents

Featured Publications
Performance Measurement of CO2 Heat Exchangers
Authors: Dae-Hyun Jin, Yunho Hwang, Reinhard Radermacher & John W. Hutchins
Publication: American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.
Refrigerant Distribution in Minichannel Evaporator Manifolds
Authors: Dae-Hyun Jin, Yunho Hwang & Reinhard Radermacher
Publication: HVAC&R Research
Comparison of R-290 and two HFC blends for walk-in refrigeration systems
Authors: Dae-Hyun Jin, Yunho Hwang*, Reinhard Radermacher
Publication: International Journal of Refrigeration 30 (2007)