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Business at Taylor

Taylor believes it is important for students to graduate with a firm understanding of the responsible management, ethical practices, interpersonal communication, and Christ-centered goal setting. And these are just a few of the elements that set up our business students to excel in the corporate world. With a Taylor Business degree, you’ll enter the world confident that you have the ethics- and excellence-focused education and experience that are sought after by companies and organizations. Whether conducting case studies in our classrooms, competing in Taylor’s Ethics Bowl, managing over $2.6M of Taylor’s endowment, or learning from professionals in our Ethics Center, you will have the opportunity to build skills in business and ethical analysis and application.

You don’t have to be a Business major to experience business at Taylor. The principles of our Business department apply to all students and flow through social science classes to communication classes. In this liberal arts university, each discipline experiences a unique angle of business practices. This means that not only will you develop the skills to analyze data for your discipline, you will apply critical thinking and problem-solving traits to many areas of life.

Get Involved on Campus

Participate in any of our business clubs, organizations, or events to expand your business knowledge beyond classroom learning. Students from all majors can gain valuable skills in entrepreneurship, financial management, and business ethics that apply to many areas of working and living.

  • Enactus
    Enactus is an international organization that seeks to serve the community through entrepreneurial activity. Students apply business knowledge to community projects to promote sustainable growth and submit business ideas related to finance, supply chain, marketing, and social responsibility into national competitions.
  • Promising Ventures
    Connect with professionals and experiences that will accelerate entrepreneurial aspirations, help students network, and find internship opportunities. Promising Ventures hosts events on campus such as Shark Tank, where students compete with their business ideas to win a financial investment prize, and Startup Storytellers, an entrepreneurship conference that brings TU alumni and students together share their start-up business stories.
  • Endowment Team
    As an applied course in equity analysis and portfolio management, students set objectives, strategy, and selection criteria for managing up to $2 million of Taylor’s Endowment Fund. Students produce quarterly reports, meet with the University Board of Trustees, and compete in New York City at the national QGAME forum, where judges evaluate brokerage statements and calculate the risk-adjusted return of the portfolio.
  • Ethics Bowl
    Our nationally ranked Ethics Bowl team uses philosophical theories to debate ethical cases against other college teams at competitions. One team defends the case by applying philosophical theories to their knowledge of the case and the other team opposes them in a similar way. Ethics Bowl topics range from forgiving student loans to programming self-driving cars.
  • Open Hands
    This six-week program is offered to all Taylor students interested in learning biblical financial stewardship for life during and after college. Develop the skills to execute important tasks such as paying off student debt, buying a car or house, balancing a budget, and handling a credit card, taught by faculty and other students passionate about finance.
  • Data Analytics Team
    On the Data Analytics Team, you will learn how to use Einstein Analytics to discover trends in sales and marketing techniques. Through this business elective, students partner with the Taylor Admissions Office, analyzing the successes of enrollment stages and monitoring counselor activity.
  • Society for Human Resource Management – Student Chapter
    The Taylor University SHRM Student Chapter is a professional development, service-orientated organization that allows student members to develop skills that they deem valuable for their resumes. We partner with multiple organizations on campus to provide additional manpower at events, as well as hold our own events such as “Learning to Network,” “Navigating LinkedIn,” etc. Even students interested in business careers outside of HR can benefit from learning such skills, as they most likely will manage people in either non-profit or for-profit sectors. Our ultimate goal is to give students from various majors the opportunity to benefit all of the Taylor Community—and then beyond (Grant County in volunteer opportunities) for years to come.
Expanding Your World with Business

Taylor offers both long- and short-term overseas experiences to expand students’ global awareness of the business world and learn how to use the tools of business to share God’s love. Read more about international opportunities related to the Business program.

Semester Programs
  • The Australia Studies Centre*: Study the core of business in Australia as you take classes, learn about Australian businesses, and stay with host families.
  • Lithuania Christian College*: Learn about business in a global context in Lithuania as you integrate into an Eastern European culture and develop new relationships with businessmen and women from all over the world.
  • Universidad del Azuay*: This program provides an in-depth immersion into the Latin American culture, the Spanish language, and the beautiful country of Ecuador while taking core business classes with an international focus.
  • Handong Global University*: This South Korean university seeks to develop global business leaders through an interdisciplinary education.
  • Hong Kong Baptist University*: Spend a semester in one of the top higher educational institutions in Asia, engaging in global business practices and experiencing the value of international relations.
J-Term Programs
  • International Business Study Tour: The Business department sponsors this month-long business study tour to China, Hong Kong, and Macau, focusing on three dynamic and distinctive economic systems and visiting a variety of international and local businesses.
Spring Break Missions
  • Honduras*: Train and advise local entrepreneurs as you learn about the unique struggles their businesses face in their own country.

*Programs are not directly associated with the Business department. Contact the Office of Off-Campus Programs for more information.

Choosing A Business Major

If you are interested in pursuing a career in business, identifying your talents and passions will help you choose the best major for you. While some of these majors may sound alike, each Business major’s practice and application look different. Let us break down our ACBSP-accredited Business degrees to give you a better idea what you’d enjoy.

Click on the name of any major below to learn more.
  • Accounting
    For those excited about the numbers side of business, consider the Accounting track. Analytical minds can work behind-the-scenes in an office or face-to-face with clients while communicating and interpreting financial data, holding individuals and companies accountable in their use of resources, and making important financial decisions.
  • Finance
    If you prefer one-on-one interactions and directing goals on an individual or corporate level, Finance might be a good fit for you. Finance majors are quick-thinking advisors and long-term strategists.
  • Management
    Students eager to tackle leadership and training opportunities should consider studying Management. This major requires big-picture thinkers, out-of-the-box creators, and invested team-builders. For students interested in sports or music, check out our Sport Management or Music Management concentration.
  • Marketing
    Perhaps you are interested in gathering and interpreting data to learn how markets are affected. Taylor’s Marketing major is for avid researchers, relationship-builders, and truth-seekers. There is also a Music Marketing emphasis for those who want to merge marketing and musical talents.
  • Sport Management
    Take a variety of classes on business, sport law, finance, ethics, public relations, and sport marketing that will introduce you to a new dimension in the world of sports. Our students learn and study strategies for promotion, budgeting, sponsorship, capital structuring, legal disputes, human performance, web development, and sport technology. Graduates have a practical knowledge of how to lead, create, and manage sports programs of all kinds.
  • Economics*
    The Economics minor is suitable for students interested in how people, businesses, and countries relate to one another. It can support many majors through discussing how markets are affected by other institutional systems.
  • Entrepreneurship*
    An Entrepreneurship minor is the fit for students interested in building their own business ideas. Self-starters, risk-takers, and problem-solvers can add this study to any declared major.

*Indicates that the program is only a minor.

Need more information? Let us help you figure out which is best for you; contact your Admissions Counselor for more details.

Contact the Business Department

Dr. Jody Hirschy
Chair of the Business Department

Lisa Gilpin
Business Program Assistant