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I have been teaching special education for over 20 years. Two years ago I made a career shift and took a job in a smaller school, Fairfield Jr./Sr. High, as a life skills teacher. Prior to that I was a special education resource teacher in a variety of grades with a variety of different levels of students. I have two children, one in high school and one in middle school. I have been married for 16 years, and he is also in education.

What were some of your most valuable experiences through your Taylor program?

I started at Taylor because I entered a job that required me to extend my special education license to intensive interventions. I had honestly every other area covered in special education and had taught special education for 20 years, but I took on a new adventure as a life skills teacher and needed additional training. When looking at programs, I selected Taylor because I felt that I could still teach and be able to take classes. It was flexible with how I did my "in class" training, and I was able to use my classroom for part of this.

How did your classes or interactions with Taylor professors impact your growth?

The two professors that I had during my time at Taylor were very helpful and understanding. I was able to email them and get a quick response with questions. At the end of each course, I had a phone call conversation wrapping up the class and talking about different experiences I had throughout the class. The assessments that they provided were fair and their feedback was very helpful.

How can Taylor graduate students use their unique Taylor education as an asset in your discipline?

The training and classwork that is completed helps with ideas for your personal classroom. Most of the assignments deal with directly things you should or will work on in your classroom. You can use these ideas and take them through out your teaching career.

What advice or encouragement could you provide for Taylor students in your vocational discipline?

You may feel like it is a long road ahead, but the work is worth it. Once you get started in the program and set a goal, you can achieve it. Just keep working and trying to see the outcome of being a great teacher.