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I've made my way to the sunshine state of Florida to study the intricacies of the human body with 29 other students at FGCU's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. In August, I will be marrying my high school sweetheart. I have plans to do a clinical rotation in Hawaii and Indiana, in which both locations I will be learning in a Christian-based outpatient clinic.

What were some of your most valuable experiences at Taylor?

The Ecuador trip was my number one most beneficial learning experience. Second to that was just living in a dorm with godly women; I learned so much about myself, my purpose on this earth, and perspective when times get tough.

How did your classes or interactions with professors at Taylor impact your growth?

They truly helped me see professors as people, which has helped me in this rigorous graduate program. I'll always cherish the dinners I shared with my professors. Professionally, I also enjoyed doing research with Dr. Kendall and doing the Invitation program with Drs. Hayes and Dungan and, for a time, the Live Well program with Dr. Renfrow.

How can Taylor graduates use their unique Taylor education and its liberal arts foundational core as an asset in your discipline?

The liberal arts foundational core is a key part of my growth from Taylor. I learned to branch my normal intellect, being able to apply my passion to other parts of the human experience. I also greatly benefited from the biblical requirements, particularly contemporary Christian belief, during which I confronted the hardest questions of my faith.

What advice or encouragement could you provide for Taylor students in your vocational discipline?

I encourage anyone to study abroad; don't let the feeling of missing out on campus prevent you from going away for the semester. The bubble is good, but it is BETTER when students leave and come back to tell their stories. I also encourage students to engage in chapels, foundational core classes, and their dorm life. Chapel is unique to Taylor; foundational classes expand your worldview; and moments with friends will last with you for eternity.