Homeschool Student

Homegrown. Ripe for excellence.

The application process for a homeschool student is the same as it is for any other student and includes the following components:

Each year, the number of homeschooled applicants at Taylor University increases. We know that homeschooled students and their parents often have many questions unique to their educational experience. Homeschooled students have contributed much to the Taylor community in the past and we anticipate continued growth in the numbers of homeschooled students desiring a Christ-centered education in the future!

Evaluation process

All students are evaluated by the same set of standards. Academic preparedness and achievement are examined through the applicant’s grade point average, class rank (if applicable), and ACT or SAT scores. Challenging curriculum, including advanced placement and dual credit courses from a college will be given special consideration. 

In filling out the application, the student applying to the University will write one essay. The essay will focus on demonstrating their commitment to Christ.

Application requirements

*If the homeschool curriculum has been with an organized program, this should be specified on the transcript. In the absence of such a program, a course description and/or reading list for each class should accompany the transcript.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a separate application for homeschooled applicants?
No. Homeschooled applicants fill out and submit the same application as all other applicants.
Are there separate requirements for homeschooled students?
No. There are no separate or additional requirements for homeschooled applicants.
Are there special scholarships for homeschooled students?
Though Taylor does not offer specific scholarships for homeschooled students, there are outside scholarship opportunities available.
Are there currently homeschooled students at Taylor?
Yes! Over 8% of this year’s incoming freshman class is made up of homeschooled students.
Do AP/dual credit courses count for credit at Taylor?
Homeschooled students can receive credit for AP and CLEP exams with appropriate scores.
How much of the homeschool transcript considered valid?
The transcript is evaluated on the curriculum used, grading scale provided, and any other information provided by the person or organization responsible for tracking academic records.
Who should fill out the guidance counselor recommendation?
The guidance counselor recommendation form should be completed by the person or representative responsible for tracking academic records.

Academic preparation

Students applying to Taylor should complete a challenging academic course load including the following:

English 4 years
Mathematics 3-4 years; algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, calculus, or trigonometry
Laboratory Science 3-4 years; biology, chemistry, or physics
Social Science 2 years; American History, European History, government, sociology, psychology, or economics
Foreign Language 2 years; strongly recommended
Music Introductory course strongly recommended
Art Introductory course strongly recommended