Admissions FISP

Freshman Irish Studies Program

Spend your first semester of college studying in Ireland.

Join a group of students in Greystones, a small town south of Dublin along the Irish Sea. Living in close community, you'll study together, grow closer to God, and experience Irish culture.

15 credit hours of coursework taught by Taylor University and Irish professors
Fully immersed - Irish history - Irish customs - Irish food - Irish people
Christian community  
Recognizing that it is bound by saving grace and not a campus perimeter

For the last decade, Taylor has housed the Irish Studies Program in Greystones, CO Wicklow. More than 200 students have participated since 2005, exploring the country, learning Irish history, dance, and customs, and building relationships within the program and with the people of Greystones.

Dash Wieland FISP 2009


"The most beautiful moment of traveling abroad is the surreal instant when you realize that this strange and beautiful land has become your home, and the strangers who surround you have become your family."

Dash Wieland, FISP 2009
Major: Biology