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International Student Orientation

August 20-22, 2019

International Student Orientation is designed to serve the needs of incoming international students, MKs, and TCKs. You will have a chance to meet peers who were once in your very shoes. International Orientation (IO) is designed to provide all foreign nationals and domestic MKs/TCKs a transitional time to acclimate to the Taylor University’s culture. The returning internationals, MKs, and TCKs, as well as some domestic students, make up the IO staff. They passionately welcome the new cohort of students who have spent developmental years living outside the United States of America. It promises to be a time of refreshment, reflection, and encouragement.

International Orientation starts on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 with everyone, F-1 students, MKs, and TCKs.

Register for IO

Who Early Bird Special (Before August 1) Fee for Orientation (August 1-20) Details
F-1 Students $150 (charged to student account) $175 (charged to student account) Internationals or TCKs without American status
U.S. Passport & Residents $130 (charged to student account) $155 (charged to student account) MKs or TCKs with American status
Parents/Guardians $15 per day $20 per day Any adult traveling with the incoming student
Siblings $10 per day $15 per day -
On Campus Fee $10 $10 One-time fee for linens for Parents/Guardians if you stay on campus

Parents and families attending International Orientation and Welcome Weekend, which is August 23–27, need to register for Welcome Weekend separately. IO fees do not cover Welcome Weekend meals. Click here to see more about Welcome Weekend.

During International Student Orientation, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Ask questions
  • Be encouraged
  • Build relationships with others
  • Check out opportunities to work on campus
  • Meet key administrators, faculty, and staff
  • Open a local bank account
  • Participate in fun activities
  • Prepare for transition into college life and a new culture
  • Shop

Please submit the following forms by August 1, 2019. This will help make your registration for IO and transition to Taylor University a smooth transition.

Form Contact Person(s) Contact Email Form Links
Health, Medical, & Vaccination Bev Guffey, Administrative Assistant for VP of Student Development and Deans bvguffey@taylor.edu View Now
Photo ID Debby Cheruiyot Bii, Director of International Student Programs

Felicia Case, Director of the Office of Intercultural Programs

Health Insurance (Required only for F-1 visa students) Debby Cheruiyot Bii

Felicia Case

Bank (Optional) - Due August 1 for those opening a bank account Debby Cheruiyot Bii

Felicia Case

Under 18 years old Lori Slater, Housing Coordinator lrslater@taylor.edu -

Please refer to the Pre-Departure Information Packet for more details.

Create a local bank account

If you have an interest in creating a bank account with a bank branch that is close to campus, please complete the following documents and bring them to orientation. Completing these documents ahead of time will allow for a swift and easy sign-up process.

View All Acceptable Documents

Online Shopping & Shipping to Taylor University Campus

For any items you may need upon your arrival, please consider shipping estimates.

Send items to:

  • (your name)
  • 236 W. Reade Ave.
  • Upland, IN 46989

Do not ship items prior to August 1.

Getting a cell phone in the US

  • Option 1: AT&T’s GoPhone
  • Option 2: Purchase iPhone; use “iMessage” and “Nextplus” apps in wifi hot spots only


Email Debby Cheruiyot Bii, Director of International Student Programs, at debby_cheruiyotbii@taylor.edu.

Register for IO

Transportation, Housing, & Hotel Accommodations

We provide transportation from the airport to campus on Monday, August 19 & 20 for students and families at no additional charge. We advise that you plan to arrive on campus as early as possible. We know that flights schedules are a challenge but please keep in mind that the trip from Indianapolis Airport to Taylor’s campus can take about 2 hours. We would love for you to be apart of events in the evening. Again, Pre-Orientation is required for international students with F-1 Visas.

Anyone who arrives early will need to make arrangements to stay at a hotel or other accommodations as we will not have housing available until the day of Pre-Orientation.

Please find information regarding hotels close to the airport or campus as well as the Hoosier Shuttle. Parents headed back to the airport may consider taking the Hoosier Shuttle to the airport. While we do not provide transportation for parents and guest back to the airport, we provide transportation to the Cracker Barrel where you pick up the Hoosier Shuttle. Those who stay at local hotels, not in walking distance, will need to have their own transportation for getting back and forth to the campus.

Check out hotel and lodging accommodations in the area.

*Please note that if your flight arrives earlier than the registration date you must use the Hoosier Shuttle for transportation to the Taylor campus. Free Taylor Shuttle service from the Indianapolis International Airport is only available on August 19–20.

Fall Orientation Only

Students will be moved directly into their dorm room upon arrival. Students registered before August 1st will be charged $150. If registered after August 1st, they will be charged $175, which includes a registration fee, room and board and all activities at the orientation.

While we can provide transportation from the airport, we cannot accommodate parents or siblings, or trips to and from hotels during your stay.

Each adult or guardian who attends will be charged $15 per day for meals. Each sibling will be charged $10 per day. If you register after August 1st adults will be charged $20 per day and sibling will be charged $15 per day.

New Course Designed to Meet Language Needs of Multilingual English Users
ENG 170: Fundamentals of American Reading and Writing

3-credits, designed for multilingual English users but would also benefit third culture students and missionary students.

This course is designed as an optional alternative for ENG 101 (Fundamentals of Writing) and/or AEC 140 (Academic Reading) for students who have tested or been placed into either or both of those courses. Additionally, this course is also open to multilingual students who do not have to take ENG 101 but want to improve as academic readers and writers; however, preference for enrollment will be given to freshman students who are required to take either ENG 101 or this course.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Barb Bird at brbird@taylor.edu.