Why study sociology at Taylor?

Our students get an amazing amount of individual attention along with unique, practical experiences. With planned trips to correctional facilities, homeless shelters, and refugee centers as well as international opportunities in Rwanda, Uganda, Korea, Japan, and India, you will have the opportunity to broaden your perspective under the guidance of encouraging faculty

What type of student is ideal for Taylor's sociology department?

The ideal student for sociology is passionate and has a heart for social and biblical justice. They are intellectually curious—wanting explanations of complex social issues. Sociology students should be proficient at gathering and analyzing information, thinking abstractly, asking challenging questions, writing well, and making oral presentations to help others develop insight and make decisions.

Sociology is a rapidly expanding field embracing a sense of history, appreciating human diversity, and recognizing the interconnectedness of social life. The major looks beyond people’s individual motivations or psychological foundations, and provides a framework for the understanding of how social hierarchy and social location influences thinking, behavior, and opportunities.

What professional growth opportunities are there outside the classroom?

You will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sociology research projects with topics ranging from how Scripture influences social and personal behavior to immigration experiences of refugees. You also have opportunities to engage and serve through campus events like Social Justice Week, conferences, and organizations like these in the following locations:

Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Damien Center
  • Islamic Cultural Center
  • Jireh Sports
  • Pendleton Correctional Facility
  • Rebuilding the Wall
  • Shepherd Community Center

Bunker Hill, Indiana

  • Miami Correctional Facility

Chicago, Illinois

  • Breakthrough Urban Ministries
  • Christian Student Missions
  • Emmaus Ministries
  • International Teams
  • Jesus People USA
  • La Salle Street Church
  • Lawndale Christian Community Center
  • South Sudan Voices of Hope
  • StreetWise


  • African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM), Kigali, Rwanda
  • World Gospel Mission, Uganda

What travel programs are available through your department?

We offer summer trips to Rwanda and Uganda, as well as J-term trips to Korea and Japan. The department is also developing a new cultural experience in India.

Rwanda and Uganda: Students work with local churches to help nurture emerging Christian leaders. Students partner with several schools to develop spiritual and educational programs, and work with children at an AIDS hospital and orphanage. Students also visit important historical and cultural sites as well as several Rwandan genocide sites.  

Korea and Japan: Students explore the culture and society while grasping the basic sociological concepts of culture and society including pop culture, economics, religion, family, politics/government, and education. They also study various cultural dynamics and orientations, and recognize the complexities of national and international issues and situations.

We also encourage sociology students to participate in off-campus semester program in Los Angeles through Azusa Pacific University.