Asking tough questions

Interested in studying behavior of individuals within societal systems? Want to understand the roles family, work and government play in our communities and our lives? Consider studying sociology at Taylor University. As a sociology student, you will cultivate your intellectual curiosity, develop your research skills, and experience learning beyond the traditional classroom setting.

One of the most unique aspects of our department is the one-on-one attention you will receive from our faculty. Housed in Reade Liberal Arts Center, our department's small size allows the development of mentorship relationships between our faculty and students. Understanding your passions and goals helps faculty to direct and individualize your experience within our department.

We will encourage you to ask tough questions and we'll help you develop and use the skills and tools necessary to find answers. Whether you are in the classroom, researching and defending your thoughts and ideas or off-campus gaining real-life experience, we are here to help you formulate a biblical view of the social systems around you.

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Dr. Michael Jessup discusses sociology's approach to answering the world's tough questions.

Watch this video from the Sociology Department.  Check out our degrees and majors.  Better still, schedule a campus visit and see for yourself how a sociology degree can prepare you for your career.

Dr. Michael Jessup, Professor of Sociology, discusses sociology's approach to answering the world's tough questions.

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