Public Health


If you are passionate about people, health, and social justice, consider majoring in public health. Public health looks past the basic biology of problems and diseases to identify societal issues that contribute to community health, and seek solutions to those problems.

You'll study both environmental and social behaviors, asking:

  • Why are people sick?
  • Why are whole communities sicker than others?
  • What can be changed to make this community healthier both physically and mentally?

Public health prepares students to learn and address the causes of poor health, and effectively serve communities in health-related areas. This major can be effectively combined with other majors and minors, such as philosophy or environmental science, to provide deeper understanding of sustainable ways to serve. 

In this major, you will ...

  • be introduced to a variety of health-related professions and start determining which path fits you best
  • analyze societal health problems and learn to use data to develop possible solutions
  • take classes on global health and human diseases
  • work with other public health majors to develop a system of improvement for the common welfare of a community through a semester-long senior capstone

The public health major is connected to an organization in Ecuador called MAP International. Every other J-term, students have the opportunity to travel to Ecuador and work with MAP staff in various communities, collecting data, and conducting research on community health. This course has led to summer practicums for many students.

Every student chooses one of the two degree options:

The Bachelor of Arts in public health requires students to take four semesters of a foreign language.

The Bachelor of Science in public health dives deeper into the psychological, scientific, and political aspects of public health.

Public Health minorIf you are interested in understanding better the societal and environmental factors influencing health, consider a public health minor. This minor pairs especially well with social work, political science, and sociology majors.