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Chemistry and Biochemistry Degrees and Majors

Chemistry BA / BS / Minor

The chemistry track (offered as a BA, BS, or a minor) provides students with comprehensive knowledge in all major areas of chemistry. Students gain extensive lab experience and practical application. This major provides excellent preparation for either further study at the graduate level or for employment in a variety of chemistry fields.

Chemistry / Biochemistry BA

Students with a biochemistry concentration receive extensive training in chemistry classes and labs while also gaining further expertise in biology. Develop the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in one of many scientific fields.

Chemistry / Pre-Medicine BA

Our chemistry pre-med major is the ideal undergraduate training for physicians, dentists and veterinarians. Pre-med students also have the opportunity to participate in an overseas medical semester in Ecuador where you’ll learn to be medically conversant in Spanish. To be considered for medical school, you’ll need to maintain a minimum 3.6 GPA and score well on the MCAT. Taylor also provides assistance in preparation for the MCAT.

Chemistry / Environmental Science BS

Our integrated chemistry and environmental science major has a strong emphasis on the physical aspects of environmental studies, combining all the major chemistry classes with several environmental science classes. Students with this major are well prepared for careers in environmental research, or industrial or municipal environmental monitoring and control. 

Chemistry Education BS

Middle school and high school chemistry teachers are in high demand, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Education will prepare you to teach in secondary schools. As a chemistry education student, you will experience student teaching to fulfill requirements for your teacher certification.