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Listed below are the options for a philosophy major and minor, and an Ethics minor. You may also choose a double major with Philosophy and another subject like Political Science, History, Art, Pre-Med, Business or others. Additionally, you can decide to earn a philosophy major with a minor from another field. Have questions? Please contact us today or set up a time to visit.


BA or BS/Systems in Philosophy

Go deeper in your understanding of thought by majoring in philosophy. Our courses cover logic, ethics, history of philosophy, and the relationship between philosophy and faith.

If you are interested in learning how philosophy interacts with other disciplines, consider our political science, philosophy, and economics (PPE) major.


Philosophy: Gain a foundational understanding of philosophy and explore areas such as aesthetics, metaphysics, and world religions to fulfill requirements for a philosophy minor.

Ethics: Learn more about the complexities of modern issues and how to approach them from a variety of angles by minoring in ethics.