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If you are seeking a more broad applicable degree in Spanish as you pursue a career in missions, international business or any number of vocations, check out our Bachelor of Arts degree.

If you hope to use your language skills in the classroom, consider our Spanish Education degree or combine your Spanish degree with another field of study to further broaden your knowledge base and increase your marketability. 

Modern Languages Degrees and Majors

Spanish Bachelor of Arts: This degree requires classes designed to sharpen and increase your language skills. Also offered are a number of literature and cultural classes. You will be required to practice your abilities among native speakers while fulfilling a study abroad requirement.

Spanish Education Bachelor of Science: This degree requires classes designed for those seeking to master the Spanish language and learn to teach Spanish to others. While pursuing this degree, you will take language, literature, and cultural classes alongside educational classes to prepare you for the classroom. You will have the opportunity to study Spanish among native speakers through our study abroad program.


Spanish: Do you plan to pursue a career in international business, missions among Spanish speakers, or work for government agencies operating outside the U.S.? Minoring in Spanish will strengthen your language skills and deepen your cultural understanding. Students may also choose a study abroad course as part of this minor.