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Majors & Minors

Listed below are the English degree options we offer. Have questions? Please contact us today or, better yet, schedule a campus visit!

Creative Writing

While earning your Creative Writing degree, you will work to develop and refine your written voice and style in order to articulate the unique imaginative perspectives God has given you and to use those perspectives to explore what it means to be human. You will create original pieces of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction as a means of adding your literary voice to those currently in the field and to those that have come before you.


We study literature to converse with those who explore their humanity on the page. In this major, you will be studying how to analyze American and British literature. Listen to Kate and Kinsley discuss what led them to earn an English Literature degree at Taylor.

English Education

In English Education, you will learn how to analyze literature and apply it in the classroom.


Have an interest in analyzing systems and working around technology? Consider adding the Systems Curriculum to your major. This is not about learning programming; this is about applying your education in English to analyze various systems and solve problems in the world today.


NOTE: A concentration in World Literature is also available with a Bachelor's degree in International Studies.