Biblical Literature


Whether you plan to pursue full-time ministry after college or simply desire a deeper understanding of Scripture, consider a biblical literature major. As a student in this major, you'll learn about the historicity of the Bible, while studying and applying principles of sound biblical interpretation.

As a biblical literature major, you will ...

  • learn the inductive approach to studying and interpreting Scripture.
  • closely consider messages and implications of the Pentateuch and the Gospels, especially their accounts of the origin of sin, God's plan for salvation, and the words and works of Jesus Christ.
  • study biblical theology and learn how the overall biblical story gives essential meaning to all of human life.
  • consider relevant moral and ethical questions and how the biblical Christian worldview contrasts with other worldviews.

Every Taylor student takes:

  • Biblical Literature I (Old Testament)
  • Biblical Literature II (New Testament)
  • Historic Christian Belief
  • Contemporary Christian Belief

The biblical literature major builds on this basic foundation with more in-depth courses on particular sections of Scripture.

Available elective courses include:

  • Acts and the Early Church
  • Pauline Epistles
  • Hebrews and General Epistles
  • Hebrew Prophets
  • Poetic and Wisdom Literature
  • Apocalyptic Literature of the Bible
  • Old Testament Historical Literature

All Bible courses take into consideration the historical and cultural contexts of the particular biblical books.

Degree options

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Literature requires a foreign language. (This requirement can be fulfilled with New Testament Greek or Old Testament Hebrew.)

The Bachelor of Science in Biblical Literature and Systems adds the Systems Curriculum to the Biblical Literature major requirements. (No foreign language is required.)

The Biblical Literature minor can be added to any major.