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Study abroad student hiking along path in forest in Ireland.

Irish Studies Programme

Located along the Irish Sea in Greystones, Ireland, the Taylor Irish Studies Programme creates an opportunity for students to deepen their cultural and spiritual awareness by experiencing the history and culture of Ireland. This study abroad program is enriched by exposure to Ireland’s fine arts, exploration of the land, and experience with her people. Residence life, guided discussions, and chapel alongside Irish faculty and mentors allow students the space for reflection and opportunities to interact with culture.

Students are encouraged to engage with local churches and fellowships to experience diverse expressions of Christianity and consider God’s work in the broader world. Students return from this trip with deeper insights and understanding of their own faith, calling, and communities.

Offered: Fall & Spring Semesters
Location: Coolnagreina, Greystones, Ireland
Cost: Taylor tuition/room/board + off-campus program fee $750 + insurance fee + activities fee $500.

*These costs include round-trip airfare, fees for all class-related activities, and class-related travel within Ireland.
Emphasis: Liberal Arts / Foundational Core (General Education), Leadership (Fall only)
Irish Studies Programme Courses
Peace Building & Reconciliation in the Irish Context Foundational civic engagement requirement
Celtic Christianity Historic Christian Belief
Contemporary Ireland Foundational social science requirement
History of Ireland Foundational history requirement
Hill Climbing Foundational stewardship of the body requirement
Participation in the Arts Foundational participation in the arts requirement
Living Cross Culturally Foundational cross-cultural (CC) requirement

Living in Greystones

You will live in Coolnagreina, a YWCA conference center, located in Greystones within a minute’s walk from the harbor, various coastal walkways, and an array of shops, restaurants, and cafes. The facilities consist of a main lodge, residence facility, and classroom building. Students receive a DART pass with unlimited uses for the public train that runs 50 km from the north of Dublin down to Greystones. Meals are provided at Coolnagreina by the on-site chef, but you also have the option of eating at many restaurants in and around Greystones at their own expense. Students can purchase an international phone plan, but WiFi is available in various part of the compound and also in numerous spots throughout town.

Taylor University staff live on the compound with the students and are involved in the planning and execution of every part of the semester.

Travel Throughout Ireland

With the program, college students will travel to nearly every region of Ireland led by Taylor faculty and Irish educators. These trips are filled with both adventure and educational opportunities to provide a hands-on approach to studying the history, culture, and contemporary issues of Ireland and the European Union. Students travel to the places of major historical events, listen to the stories of live witnesses, and see the effects of history on Irish landscapes and cities. Students also learn about Celtic Christianity by visiting both modern churches and the ruins of ancient cathedrals.

Students remain in Ireland for the duration of the program, but can travel to mainland Europe at the end of the program if they wish.

You will never have a better classroom. The ability to read a book and then visit the birthplace of the author or where it was set, or to stand on the shores of a lake and read a poem that was written about it, is unlike any other experience. Learning history by visiting battle sites and jails, and learning religion by sitting in mass and walking through monastic ruins has no rival. Katie Klingstedt


Jennifer Moeschberger
Director of Irish Studies Programme