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Grades K-2

Young girls learningabout music at TUSAMorning Session 9:00AM - Noon

Aquarium Adventure - Instructor: Allison Gill

Come help create an aquarium!  Students will explore several mathematical concepts such as perimeter, area, and volume while turning the classroom into an aquarium.  They will also choose and create sea creatures to house in the aquarium’s “tanks.”

Afternoon Session 1:00 - 4:00PM

What Does Chocolate Sound Like? - Instructor: Christina Brandle

This week students will take a peek at a whole new language: the language of music! We will look at music’s alphabet and will learn how to read it, how to “speak it” or say its words, and how it is used in everyday life. We will learn by playing tons of games and using our ears, eyes, feet, and just about every part of our body. We’ll hear what chocolate might sound like and try to draw the sound that a train makes.  (Prerequisite: Must know alphabet and be able to read at a first grade level.)