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Eligibility Details:

Young boy at the Taylor Summer Academy has fun learninhow to use a scaleThe Taylor University Summer Academy is designed for students who have high interest, ability, and motivation in the enrolled class(es). While official documentation is not required for admission to the Taylor University Summer Academy, we ask that you review the eligibility guidelines below. Students enrolling in TUSA should have interest in the subject, motivation for learning, and high ability as demonstrated in one of the following (or comparable) ways:

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Student has scored in the 90th percentile or above on a standardized test in the past three years.
  • Student is currently enrolled in a school program for gifted and talented youth.
  • Student works one grade level or above peers in at least one subject area at school.
  • Student has demonstrated outstanding potential for academic achievement, creative endeavors and/or leadership.