Honors Guild

The Honors Guild brings students together from across campus to form a microcosm of Taylor's campus-wide learning community.

When Honors Scholars arrive as freshmen, they take Foundations of the Christian Liberal Arts together and begin forming close relationships by learning with each other. These relationships encourage our Scholars to challenge each other in their mutual pursuits of excellence.

As an Honors Scholar, you will engage in more intense and challenging classes with mentors committed to helping you reach for excellence in individual and collaborative projects. You'll have access to the Honors Lodge for study, research, relaxation, and exclusive conversations with scholars-in-residence.

Honors Scholars also have special opportunities to take travel courses and go to places like South Africa and Northern Ireland while earning academic credit.


Review the admissions requirements, fill out an application to the Honors Guild, and pursue your purpose and calling to Kingdom service knowing that you are joining a community of believers which will encourage you towards even greater commitment to intellectual vitality. 

Have questions? 

Contact Jennifer Moeschberger, Director of Taylor University Honors Guild programming, for more information.