Academic Calendar

Taylor University's academic year consists of fall and spring semesters and optional January interterm and summer sessions.

Under this schedule, fall-semester activities including examinations are concluded prior to the Christmas recess.  Classes are conducted each semester for a period of 15 weeks including a 4-day examination period. 

The optional January interterm provides students an intensive period of study in a single course or opportunities to study in off-campus centers in the United States and international locations. 

Additionally, three summer sessions are available to enhance and supplement students' educational programs and to meet special program requirements.


Full Summer Term 2015 (5/26/15-8/21/15)  
Classes Begin 5/26/2015
Last Day Drop/Add 5/29/2015
First Day "W" 6/1/2015
Last Day "W" 6/12/2015
First Day "WP" "WF" 6/15/2015
August Graduates Grades Due by 5:00 p.m. 8/17/2015
Last Day Summer Classes 8/21/2015
August Conferral Date 8/22/2015
May Summer Term (5/26/15-6/19/15)  
Classes Begin 5/26/2015
Last Day Drop/Add 5/29/2015
First Day "W" 6/1/2015
Last Day "W" 6/2/2015
First Day "WP" "WF" 6/3/2015
Last Day May Classes 6/19/2015
June Summer Term (6/22/15-7/24/15)  
Classes Begin 6/22/2015
Last Day Drop/Add 6/24/2015
First Day "W" 6/25/2015
Last Day "W" 6/26/2015
First Day "WP" "WF" 6/29/2015
Holiday (No Classes) 7/3/2015 
Last Day June Classes 7/24/2015
Fall Term 2015 (8/31/15-12/17/15)  
Classes Begin (5:00 p.m.) 8/31/2015
Last Day Drop/Add 9/4/2015
Final Pract/Intern Summer Grades Due 9/4/2015
Holiday (No Classes) 9/7/2015
First Day "W" 9/8/2015
Last Day "W" 9/22/2015
First Day "WP" "WF" 9/23/2015
Fall Break 10/16/2015
Second Half Classes Begin 10/19/2015
Academic Advising Begins 10/19/2015
Midterm Grades Due by 5:00 p.m. 10/20/2015
Last Day "WP" 10/30/2015
"WF" Only 11/2/2015
SR and Graduate Registration Begins 11/2/2015
JR Registration Begins 11/4/2015
SO Registration Begins 11/9/2015
FR Registration Begins 11/13/2015
Thanksgiving Break 11/25/15-11/27/15
Classes Resume 11/30/2015
Last Day of Classes 12/11/2015
Final Exams 12/14/15-12/17/15
December Conferral Date 12/19/2015
First Half Fall Term (8/31/15-10/16/15)  
Last Day Drop/Add 9/4/2015
First Day "W" 9/8/2015
Last Day "W" 9/15/2015
First Day "WP" "WF" 9/16/2015
Last Day "WP" 9/24/2015
"WF" Only 9/25/2015
Second Half Fall Term (10/19/15-12/11/15)  
Last Day Drop/Add 10/21/2015
First Day "W" 10/22/2015
Last Day "W" 10/29/2015
First Day "WP" "WF" 10/30/2015
Last Day "WP" 11/9/2015
"WF" Only 11/10/2015