Master of Business Administration

Individuals pursue a MBA for many different reasons — to improve current performance, to get a promotion, to get a different or better job, to enhance their resume, for personal satisfaction, and many other reasons.

You may be considering a career change at this time, and if/when you are ready to make a change, Taylor University can provide assistance.

First, Taylor MBA students and alumni create a strong network. You will be connected with a group of individuals that know the credentials of our MBA program and like to network.

Second, Taylor University's Calling and Career Office is available and has resources to assist you. The Calling and Career Office is focused on identifying God-given passions and abilities, exploring vocational opportunities and equipping you to find God's calling.

Alumni Connections: Taylor University has a network of over 20,000 alumni who span a breadth of locations and countries as well as industries. The Calling and Career Office is the central point by which you can connect with this group of individuals.

If you are seeking work in a given field in a particular geographic region, the office will help connect you with individuals in that area that are willing to assist you in your search. For example, if you are moving to the Denver and are interested in marketing careers, the career office will identify alumni in that area that are willing and able to assist you. The career office will then directly connect you with those alumni.

Some of the other services provided by Taylor University's Calling and Career Office include:

  • Assistance and software for resume preparation
  • Mock interviews (phone, skype and in-person)
  • Job listings with open jobs posted by alumni, friends, and other organizations
  • Polish and distribute an e-portfolio

These types of services are available to you not only as a student, but throughout your life.

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