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New to Taylor? Are you attending Summer Orientation or planning to join us in Upland sometime soon? This is the place for info about the technology Taylor makes available to you, what to bring, and how to prepare for your time at Taylor.

Looking For a Job?

Every year, Information Technology employs dozens of student workers. If you’re comfortable with computers and enjoy helping people, consider joining the team. Submit an Online Application.

Account Info

Your Taylor student ID and username were included in your Admissions packet. Activate your Taylor account using Taylor’s Password Manager. Once your account has been activated, use your username and password to access Taylor email, myTAYLOR, Blackboard, and other important Taylor resources. Student usernames are based on PreferredFirstName_LastName (jim_brown or james_brown). You provided a preferred first name on your Taylor application. If you have misplaced the information mailed to you, please Contact the Admissions Office.

Keep your Taylor password secure! No one from Taylor will ever ask you for your password. If you are having password trouble or have reason to believe your password is no longer secure, reset it using Taylor’s Password Manager.


myTAYLOR is your portal to important Taylor resources you will use throughout your Taylor career. Log into myTAYLOR using your Taylor username and password. From there, you can access:

  • E-mail – Every Taylor student receives a Taylor email address
  • Blackboard – Submit assignments and use for class discussions
  • TOWER – Register for classes, track grades, edit personal info, etc.
  • Campus News – Keep informed of campus happenings
  • Roster – Find friends and faculty
  • Calendar – Track important on-campus events

T.U.C.A.N. Registration

All computing devices connected to Taylor's network (T.U.C.A.N.) must be registered. T.U.C.A.N. registration is self-guided and helps protect all of us from intrusion and malware. Prior to registration, Windows-based computers must be patched with security updates and protected by an Approved Antivirus Client. Protection for Macintosh computers is recommended, but not required at this time.

Summer Orientation

Joining us for Summer Orientation? Bring your laptop, smartphone, and/or tablet! You will have an opportunity to pre-register your devices for use on the Taylor network (T.U.C.A.N.) Can't bring your device? No problem. T.U.C.A.N. registration can be done when you arrive in the Fall.

T.U.C.A.N. registration is quick and easy, and you can get an early start by installing Windows security updates and an Approved Antivirus Client before leaving home.

PC Recommendations

Mac or PC? Desktop or laptop? When purchasing a computer for use on Taylor's network (T.U.C.A.N.), keep the following recommendations in mind. Read our PC Recommdations for more info.

  • The Taylor network is designed for Windows, but Apple and Linux-based computers also work. Taylor provides both PC and Macintosh computer labs.
  • While desktops are cheaper, laptops are portable. Many students carry laptops to class.
  • Taylor provides wireless coverage in all academic areas, all residence halls, and many public areas on-campus including Zondervan Library and the Student Union.
  • Taylor's wireless network is 802.11g/n compatible. Be sure your laptop supports G and/or N.
  • Make sure your computer has a minimum of 2 Gig RAM
  • Windows 8.1 is recommended for touchscreen devices, Windows 7 for non-touchscreen.
  • Antivirus protection is required on Windows-based computers and recommended on Macintoshes. See the List of Approved Antivirus Clients.
  • The latest version of Microsoft Office is recommended.

Note: A wired network port is provided to each student in their residence hall upon request.


Taylor provides TOWER Proxy to students and parents for use in accessing student records. Read the TOWER Proxy Page for more information.

Microsoft Software Select

Current Taylor students are eligible to purchase select Microsoft products at a discount. Read More for pricing and to place your order.


Several carriers provide cellphone coverage to the Upland area. Two carriers, Verizon and AT&T, have towers near campus and provide the best coverage.