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Spring Break Missions

Taylor offers a variety of mission trip opportunities for students to learn, minister, and witness during their spring break. International and local projects are designed so you can use your gifts and talents to share your faith.

During these trips, you can share your faith through business development, children’s ministry, construction work, teaching English, family ministry and evangelism. Recent destinations students have traveled to include the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Spain, Daytona Beach, Indianapolis, and Marion, IN.

Are you interested in taking a trip like this? Check out the stories below of students who went on a Spring Break Missions Trip.

Taylor University strives for excellence in all international service-learning programs and is an accredited member of the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission initiative.

2014 Spring Break Blogs

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  • Shattered Posted on: March 30, 2014 by daytonabound
    Driving home from Florida has been more than we bargained for. You expect the vans to be filled with a variety of conversations, singing, and sleeping travelers. And we’ve had plenty of all three. But after our dinner stop at Chick-fil-a and Zaxby’s (which included an opportunity for some on the team to pray with […]

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  • Hola from the Dominican Republic! Posted on: March 28, 2014 by valerienewby
    Buenos tardes!! Sorry it took a while to post a blog, on the base internet has been hard to acquire. We arrived in the Dominican Republic safe and sound Saturday night. Now we have all been at our sites for 5 days and have loved growing in the community of Jarabacoa.  I think I can […]

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  • Learning, loving and living together Posted on: March 29, 2014 by mattmorsecode
    Today marks the end of our group’s service at St. Martin Community Center for the week. We can hardly even believe tomorrow we’ll be back at Taylor. Looking back, this past week has been a roller coaster of memories and fantastic opportunities of service and sharing with our local community.  We started every day at […]

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  • A Day Full of Adventure Posted on: March 28, 2014 by joshforbes2013
    We started out the day by waking up at 5 am. The team decided to get up early to watch the sunrise! It was so beautiful to see the sun come up over the mountains. We were near the lake at El Sembrador so everything was reflecting off of the water. Then we had an […]

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  • Food for Friday Posted on: March 29, 2014 by tobymagers
    It is Saturday morning now. We have a little bit of a later morning this morning since the Academy doesn’t meet on Saturdays. It is our last day here at Shepherd. Friday was an impactful day. We helped at the Academy from 8:30 to 12:30 again. Those of us who were consistently with a particular […]

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  • Home again (with photos!) Posted on: March 31, 2014 by David Adams
    Our final day, Thursday, at SOS was a mad dash to finish as much of our projects as we could, and time wasn’t on our side: storms were predicted for the late afternoon. Fortunately, each team was ready to work hard and fast, and we all accomplished much before the storms showed up, right on […]

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  • Untainted Eyes Posted on: March 29, 2014 by daniesopp
    Joyful, different, heart-opening, reassuring, laughter; these are just a couple of words we chose to describe our trip. It really is true that not a second goes by that we don’t have something to thank God for in this beautiful city of Mazatlán, Mexico. God is doing such great work here, and amazing things through […]

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  • Poland-Thursday and Friday! Posted on: March 28, 2014 by abigailcampbell1
    On Thursday our group was in the classrooms again, and we had evening English classes at the church as well as a pizza party! After lessons in the evening, some of the team members performed the “Everything Skit”. It was a powerful skit that many of the students were touched by, and the students told […]

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  • Russia Posted on: March 04, 2014 by valerienewby
    The number 750,000, depending on what context it is used in, can be either overwhelming or unimpressive. In this case, it is the number of children that face their early life cramped in orphanages throughout Russia. Through The Boaz Project, Taylor students are truly given the opportunity to “…visit orphans and widows in their afflictions” […]

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