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Spring Break Missions

Taylor offers a variety of mission trip opportunities for students to learn, minister, and witness during their spring break. International and local projects are designed so you can use your gifts and talents to share your faith.

During these trips, you can share your faith through business development, children’s ministry, construction work, teaching English, family ministry and evangelism. Recent destinations students have traveled to include the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Spain, Daytona Beach, Indianapolis, and Marion, IN.

Are you interested in taking a trip like this? Check out the stories below of students who went on a Spring Break Missions Trip. Or visit the Spring Break blog archives to read about previous years.

Taylor University strives for excellence in all international service-learning programs and is an accredited member of the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission initiative.

2015 Spring Break Blogs

Check here to read the most recent posts from each team!

  • 84 hours (or so) in 1313 words or less Posted on: April 04, 2015 by maryrayburn
    The last four days have been a whirlwind of activity. Tuesday was the busiest day of camp, with all hands on deck, fully submerged in camp life for the day. On our last post, we expressed our anticipation for the obstacle course to take place that day. Each of us were stationed at a different […]

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  • Saturday (Day 8) Posted on: April 05, 2015 by marythompson2
    Hello from Dearborn! We are not mentally, physically, or spiritually ready to leave this place. Kidding, kind of. We have all learned a ton about how to love those who are different from us. Today consisted of another work day at our friend’s house. We were able to finish painting the basement and moved furniture […]

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  • A conference, a waterfall, and a café. Posted on: April 03, 2015 by rosienewman18
    Buenas Noches from Honduras. Its been a long day for the business team. We apologize for the limited posts recently. We’ve been hard at work. On Monday and Tuesday we traveled around the city of Tegucigalpa meeting entrepreneurs and hearing their stories. From the information we gathered from them and some intense night planning sessions […]

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  • Final Thoughts Posted on: April 07, 2015 by audreyjeanford616
    (This blog post was written by Taylor Murray. She is a Senior Bio major, and she has a knack for finding colorful plastic eggs on playgrounds.) Where do I even begin…it’s been quite the adventure we have had this past week serving at Shepherd.  From witnessing the heartbreaking poverty of Indy to being filled with […]

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  • Over and Out. Posted on: April 09, 2015 by sarahwehlage
    After two days of traveling, we were able to make it back home safely. After leaving SOS, the team traveled to Nashville, where we had dinner and then were able to explore the Grand Ole Opry hotel. Getting back on the road, we traveled to Bowling Green, KY and stayed the night in a hotel. […]

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  • He is Risen! (and the sun is still shinning) Posted on: April 05, 2015 by lauryncongemi
    Greetings from Mexico! We have had a packed few days! We finished up our work with Back2Back and loved our time there. We spent the last couple of days at different organizations in Cuna Maya and Bonfiel where we did more construction work and played with lots and lots of children. We have spent a […]

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