STULIFE Spiritual Life

Spiritual Development

We take the spiritual development of our students very seriously. We encourage spiritual growth as an organic part of life together, and have students and programs within our residence halls designated to specifically develop, encourage, and support spiritual growth. 

Discipleship Assistants and Coordinators work along side our Residence Hall Directors and Assistant Directors to strengthen and nurture the faith of our students through small groups, men's and women's programming and more. We don’t expect these students to be perfect, but rather to serve as humble examples of love and service within the body of Christ.

Discipleship Assistants (DAs) are students serving their floor or wing, living out their faith in Christ through love and obedience. DAs are a vital part of our community not only through the programs and activities they plan, but also through the example they set. Whether they are leading a wing Bible study or simply sharing a cup of late night coffee, DAs work to promote the spiritual health of our students through faithful service to others. 

Discipleship Coordinators (DCs) oversee the Discipleship Assistants (DAs) in their particular residence hall, and are responsible for developing, encouraging and supporting the Discipleship Assistants. Just as DAs work to promote the spiritual development of the students on their floor or wing, DCs seek to facilitate the same growth within the DAs under their supervision. They are also responsible for promoting spiritual development within their residence hall as a whole.

Small Groups are chosen for students to participate in through their wing. These groups encourage students to open up to each other in support and prayer as well as holding each other accountable in their faith walks through a smaller group setting, usually consisting of fewer than ten people. This time can be spent in prayer, by doing bible study or devotional, a fun activity or service project, or even just chatting about life. 

Men’s and Women’s Programming tries to meet students specifically where they are through programs and honest conversations that address real life issues. We want to help students find a voice by creating a safe place to explore questions, doubts and issues. Our cabinet, comprised of freshman to seniors from all halls on campus, puts together programs students can be involved in to discuss “hot topics” or just have more, intimate, direct conversations in a safe environment. Some of these programs have included discussions on grief, sexual addiction, gender roles in the church, and capturing your beauty. If you want to be involved or have more questions, contact Amy Nicols or Jason Koh

Meet the
Graduate Assistant

Meet the Graduate Assistant of
Women's Programming

Amy Nichols

     I remember the first day of my freshmen year and feeling as though I was about to embark upon the most exciting four-year journey of my life. Throughout those years, I began to realize how passionate I am about working with students and helping them gain the most out of their four-year journeys. I believe working with college students is a God-given opportunity and I feel blessed to have this time to live alongside the students at Taylor University.

     I grew up in a small suburban town in central Massachusetts and went an hour and a half east to obtain my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. After graduating in May of 2012, I spent a year in Tijuana, Mexico working as a live-in volunteer at an orphanage called Casa de la Esperanza.

     I am currently in the MAHE (Master of Arts in Higher Education) program here at Taylor and serving as the Women’s Programming Graduate Assistant. Again, I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to develop relationships with the women on campus, and to work with a wonderful cabinet of women to plan and execute the best possible events for our women at Taylor.