Special Services

While chapel brings us together three times a week and Sunday worship is a great way to dive into the body of Christ outside of Taylor, there are other opportunities for worshiping and growing spiritually as an individual and with the community while a student.

All-Campus Communion

The All-Campus Communion service is the first gathering of the year for the entire community. It’s a special tradition where sophomores, juniors and seniors prayerfully surround and lay hands on the new students. The service includes a time of prayer, worship, and communion. It’s a powerful beginning to the year, focusing our hearts and minds on Christ’s sacrifice and our calling to serve Him.

Spiritual Renewal Week

Spiritual Renewal Week is held twice a year, near the beginning of each semester. Each week has a seasoned and respected Bible teacher who challenges students and faculty from God’s Word. The Taylor community gathers four times over a three-day period, which includes uplifting singing and powerful teaching. Past speakers include Alistair Begg, Dr. Richard Allen Farmer, and Chris Williamson.

Charles Simeon Sermons

The Charles Simeon Sermon Series is held in the fall each year. The series’ namesake, Charles Simeon, pastored Holy Trinity Church in England for 54 years. Simeon practiced and taught the art of Biblical exposition in the early 19th century. This series is intentionally focused on helping the community recognize and appreciate preaching that examines scripture.

“He was a lifelong bachelor and one of his greatest burdens was for university students, so there’s something very appropriate about the fact that the sermons here at Taylor are entitled the Simeon Sermons,” said Dr. Sinclair Ferguson, a theologian and seminary professor who is a past Simeon speaker. 

Sexuality and the Body

Sexuality and the Body is a program that has grown into an annual series of workshops, seminars, and panels aimed at creating a healthy space for dialogue regarding sexuality, especially in relation to the Body of Christ. 

This series aims to provide opportunities for our university to grow in our understanding of ourselves and others by increasing our awareness and discussion on sexual topics affecting all of us at a personal and cultural level. Well-known speakers, scholars, faculty and staff are integrated within the Sexuality and the Body program to help frame and address our questions and conversations.

Examples of topics that we seek to faithfully broach:

  • Theology of Sexuality
  • Marriage and Singleness (as well as Divorce and Re-Marriage)
  • Homosexuality
  • Gender and Identity issues
  • Lust
  • Abuse
  • Celebrations of Sexuality (God’s Design)

All who participate serve as faithful witnesses to God’s work in their lives and increased understanding about God and their sexuality. Featured speakers have come from theological, psychological, philosophical, sociological, medical and counseling backgrounds and training.