STULIFE Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Discipleship in a growing faith.

Whether through discipleship, attending chapel with fellow students, Bible studies, Sunday worship, or missions trips we do life together by serving others through our common belief in Jesus.

At Taylor, our spiritual lives aren’t limited to a few hours of chapel a week or Sunday morning church. As an interdenominational liberal arts university, our belief in Jesus and our commitment to following Him is part of everything we do. Not only does our faith in Christ determine the choices and decisions we make as individuals, but it also determines the way we do life together.

As part of Taylor's community, you’ll experience the foundation we are built on: a common belief and commitment to Jesus Christ. Investing in the spiritual formation of each other is a vital part of our community, and this commitment to spiritual growth is part of every aspect of life at Taylor. Whether in the classroom, attending a residence hall Bible study or sharing a cup of coffee with a friend, our faith is at the forefront.

Worshiping together plays an important role in strengthening us as individuals and as a community. Chapel services are held three times a week and, though attendance is not mandated, students fill Rediger Chapel/Auditorium. This is a significant example of how we worship together out of a desire to grow and be stretched as individuals and a community.

Through our wide variety of local and global missions programs, we seek to develop servant leaders marked with a passion to minister Christ's redemptive love and truth to a world in need. Whether it is volunteering as a small group leader for local elementary school kids or evangelizing in the streets of India, our students are reaching out to those in need and, in turn, being forever changed.

Spiritual life at Taylor is really just life—the ups and downs of living out a shared faith and purpose. Day in and day out you’ll experience a community that seeks to build up and hold each another accountable in sharing our values and ideals. We may not always succeed but there is as much to be learned in our failures as in our successes.

Our community is built on creating an environment in which we can all grow and flourish.

Growth in your
son or daughter's relationship with Jesus Christ can happen by them joining a small group, attending Chapel and class, finding a local church, taking a mission trip, or volunteering for
local ministries.