University Apartments

The halls feature spacious air-conditioned apartments, each with two bedrooms, a family room, a full kitchen, and a private toilet room and shower room. Conveniently located on the edge of campus, each hall is designed to blend the community feel of the residence hall experience with the convenience of an apartment. This blend is unique in campus housing and means the university apartments aren't an extension of the typical hall experience with hall traditions or corporate activities. Instead, the apartments give residents more of a “real life” experience. Social life is unstructured, helping residents learn to be purposeful with their time and relationships, balancing competing agendas and priorities while enjoying a different kind of community.

Campbell Hall

Campbell Hall is a university apartment complex for upperclassmen, with minimum credit requirements for residents. Campbell was built in 2008 and houses 60 students. 

Wolgemuth Hall

Wolgemuth Hall is a university apartment for upperclassmen, with minimum credit requirements for residents. Built in 2011, it houses 92 students on its three floors. 

Campbell Hall & Wolgemuth Hall


Walt and Mary Campbell

Walt CampbellWalt Campbell ’64 worked at Taylor for 35 years (1969-2004) in a wide variety of leadership roles including Wengatz Hall Director, Assistant Football Coach, Director of New Student Orientation, Director of Career Development, Associate Dean of Students and Dean of Students, a position he held for 18 years. His re-envisioning of the new student orientation program was key to his Taylor legacy, but he was most known for his servant’s heart. The Board of Trustees recognized him as a Distinguished Alumnus for Service to Taylor in 1993 and for Meritorious Service to Taylor in 2004. Walt and his wife, Mary (Baker ’65), met as students at Taylor and were Taylor parents to Wally ’90, Jon ’93, and Jennifer (Campbell ’01) Hess. The couple opened their home to hundreds of students, faculty, and staff over the years, and led by example in modeling a spirit of hospitality and service to others.

Sam and Grace Wolgemuth

Sam & Grace WolgemuthDr. Samuel F. Wolgemuth ’38 was a Pennsylvania pastor for 13 years before he and his wife, Grace (Dourte ’39), sold their house and belongings and moved with their four children to Japan with Youth for Christ. The two were Taylor parents to a total of six children: Ruth (Wolgemuth’63) Guillaume, Sam ’65, Ken ’67, Robert ’69, Dan ’77, and Debbie (Wolgemuth ’77) Birkey. Wolgemuth served as the fifth president of Youth for Christ from 1965-1973, making him the second of four Taylor alumni to hold the role (including Ted Engstrom ’38, Jay Kesler ’58, and son Dan Wolgemuth ’77). In 1968, Wolgemuth formed Youth for Christ International and served as its first president. As an international figure in the Christian community and an organizational CEO, Wolgemuth is one of Taylor’s most prominent servant leaders, but his commitment to leading and serving others is the same commitment shared by all Taylor students and alumni. Wolgemuth was part of the Taylor’s board of trustees from 1970-1989. 

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