English Hall

Built in 1975, 230 women call English Hall home. In English, rooms are arranged in a closed suite configuration, with three to four rooms connected to a common living area. Designed for larger-group interaction, each suite is shared by 6-10 women.

Once a month, the women of English gather in the lobby for “English Breakfast Tea” on Saturday mornings. Scones, tea, and coffee are provided while you listen to a special guest share about themselves and on a theme the hall director has chosen for the year.

Residents participate in events such as the Broomball pick-a-date, bake-off events, and Secret Turkey Week (similar to Secret Santa but for Thanksgiving). Our newest tradition is the Tower Games, a week long competition between each of the wings ranging from trivia to archery. English is also well known for its elaborate Open House events, especially at Christmas.

English Hall

English Hall

Namesake: Mary Tower English

Mary Tower EnglishMary Tower English was the wife of Dr. Calvin English, a Fort Wayne physician and 1884 graduate of the Fort Wayne College of Medicine, which was a part of Taylor University from 1890-1893. English was a generous supporter and donator of her husband’s alma mater, and was a matriarch to one of Taylor’s most faithful philanthropic families. Today the English-Bonter-Mitchell family continues her legacy of generosity to Taylor, particularly through the support of campus building projects and scholarships.

Meet the
Hall Director

Meet the Hall Director of
English Hall

Sara James

When I explain my role as English Hall Director to my children, I tell them, “Mommy’s job is to love the women in English and to teach them to love others.” It may sound juvenile, but it helps them to understand the main purpose of my being here, which is to let love be the goal. When love is at the center, harmony and fellowship follow.

As the Director of English Hall, I want the women to feel encouraged and loved as well as challenged. In my years as an undergrad living in a residence hall at Taylor, I grew spiritually, personally, and relationally. My goal is to make English Hall a place that encourages that sort of growth for the women as well. I hope they can take what they learn in the classroom and amplify it here in English.

After I graduated from Taylor in 2002, I served as a resident director at Northwestern College (Orange City, IA). My husband, Ryan, and I were married in 2003 and we’ve been blessed with two outgoing and humorous children, our son Oliver and daughter Julian. We returned to Upland so I could get my masters in Higher Education and Student Development.

I’ve had many fun experiences with the women of English. I’ve enjoyed witnessing and hearing stories about the traditions here like Christmas open house, the third floor broomball pick-a-date, and the Second South bake off against their brother wing. It’s a fun place to live!

Meet the
Assistant Hall Director

Meet the Assistant Hall Director of
English Hall

Diana Kim

My name is Diana, but most people call me Dee. I graduated from Taylor in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in Media Communication, Public Relations. I love puppies, adventures, and traveling. I can't cross my legs. I have showered in almost every residence hall on campus. I actually really like Justin Bieber and have read all of the Harry Potter and Hunger Games books.

The beauty of being the Assistant Hall Director in English is no matter what stage of life you are in, you can always model something positive for the students. I want to model a full life and be an example to students. Also, Taylor has given me so many opportunities for growth and I believe this role is allowing me to give back to Taylor the way it has given so much to me.

I feel incredibly blessed to be working alongside Sara James and the women of English Hall. I cannot wait to develop relationships, laugh, encourage and uplift, not only the women of English Hall, but all those who are joining this Taylor community I have come to love.