English Hall

Built in 1975, English Hall houses 225 women in rooms arranged in suites of three to four rooms connected to a common living area. Each suite is shared by six to ten women.

Once a month, the women of English gather in the lobby for “English Tea.”  Tea and coffee are provided while students have an opportunity to listen to a guest speaker share about a pertinent topic that is congruent with the theme for English Hall.

Residents participate in events such as the Broomball pick-a-date, Secret Turkey Week (similar to Secret Santa but for Thanksgiving), and an elaborate Christmas open house. English Hall also celebrates the legacy of Mary Tower English through a weeklong competition between the nine wings.

Namesake: Mary Tower English

Mary Tower EnglishMary Tower English was the wife of Dr. Calvin English, a Fort Wayne physician and 1884 graduate of the Fort Wayne College of Medicine, which was part of Taylor University from 1890-1893. English was a generous supporter of and donor to her husband’s alma mater and was a matriarch to one of Taylor’s most faithful philanthropic families. Today the English-Bonter-Mitchell family continues her legacy of generosity to Taylor, particularly through the support of campus building projects and scholarships.

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