Breuninger Hall

Designed for 150 students, Breuninger Hall is connected to Gerig Hall and, like its neighbor, is a co-ed hall with two female floors and one male floor. The hall, nicknamed “Breu,” is complete with air-conditioning, a community kitchen, and an elevator. Each floor holds its own lounge and study rooms. Community bathrooms only add to the charm of family-style living.

Celebrate all things American at the Red, White, and Breu open house, develop inter-hall relationships with students from Gerig at pancake nights, and bond with your floor-mates during Sunday Family Nights.

Breuninger Hall

Namesake: Ruth Ann Breuninger

Dr. Ruth Ann BreuningerDr. Ruth Ann Breuninger served Taylor as an associate professor of religion and physical education from 1964-1975. She is remembered best for founding Lighthouse in 1971. Through Lighthouse, students study and serve cross-culturally around the world each January. The university-wide program has seen over 2,200 students participate in 150 mission trips in 29 different countries. These trips expand service learning into service leadership and cultivate the desire to understand and empathize with others what is so close to the heart of servant leadership.

Called “Miss B” and later “Dr. B” by her students, Breuninger was a quirky, fun-loving professor who sometimes raised eyebrows with her unique personality, but saw students as her ministry and always put them first. She mentored hundreds one-on-one, maintained relationships, and correspondence with many until her passing, and served well as a resource for developing servant leaders’ efficiency in their Kingdom work. 

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