Breuninger Hall

Open for business fall 2013, Breuninger Hall is the newest residence hall addition to the Taylor campus.  It’s designed for 150 students and will house both under- and upperclassmen as a traditional on-campus hall. Breuninger is connected to Gerig Hall and, like its neighbor, will be a co-ed hall. A specially selected group of returning students and incoming freshman will start to develop new traditions and a new hall identity.

Breuninger Hall

Namesake: Ruth Ann Breuninger

Dr. Ruth Ann BreuningerDr. Ruth Ann Breuninger served Taylor as an associate professor of religion and physical education from 1964-1975. As a major supporter of hands-on ministry experience, she is remembered best for founding Lighthouse in 1971. Through Lighthouse students study and serve cross-culturally around the world each January; the university-wide program has seen over 2,200 students participate in 150 mission trips in 29 different countries. These trips expand service learning into service leadership, and cultivate in students the desire to understand and empathize with others what is so close to the heart of servant leadership.

Called “Miss B” and later “Dr. B” by her students, Breuninger was a quirky, fun-loving professor who sometimes raised eyebrows with her unique personality, but saw students as her ministry and always put them first. She mentored hundreds one-on-one, maintained relationships, and correspondence with many until her passing, and served well as a resource for developing servant leaders’ efficiency in their Kingdom work. 

Meet the
Hall Director

Meet the Hall Director of
Breuninger & Gerig Halls

Debby Cheruiyot Bii

Living in the residence hall, my life is an open book. The students get to see a lot that goes on in my life, and I consider my position a unique opportunity to teach outside of the classroom.

I graduated from Anderson University in 2008 with a degree in Psychology. As a student, I served as a resident assistant and also worked closely with the international student office.

After graduation, I worked in the Cultural Resource Center as an administrative assistant. Working there heightened my desire to work with students and encouraged me to look into programs in higher education, which led me to Taylor’s MAHE program (which I graduated from in 2011).

I explain my role as an opportunity to minister, reach, teach, and walk alongside college students. My hope is these students get to grow in the love and favor of God. I want them to learn to live as role models among themselves, and in doing so, learn to live among others when they graduate from Taylor.

What excites me most about my job (outside of the food and fellowship) is watching a student grow. Students come in with so much on their plate, and sometimes so much is expected of them. It is so encouraging to see them grow beyond what they think they can handle. I love watching them recognize their potential and strengths, and get excited about life.

Meet the
Assistant Hall Director

Meet the Assistant Hall Director of
Breuninger & Gerig Halls

Seth Oldham

     Hi, my name is Seth Oldham and it is my privilege to be the Graduate Assistant Hall Director for Gerig Hall and Breuninger Hall. I am a 2013 graduate of Baylor University in Waco, Texas where I graduated with a degree in American Studies with a minor in Political Science.

     During my time at Baylor, I had the wonderful opportunity to live in Brooks Residential College. Brooks College provided a unique living-learning environment where I was molded and formed each and every day by interactions with my peers and professors. This amazing community challenged me to be a better person, to discover what I believe about the world around me, and to love others where they are.

     Through my experience at Brooks College and at Baylor, I was able to see the impact student affairs professionals can have on the lives of students. College students are emerging adults trying to find their way through the tunnel that brings them out of adolescence and into adulthood. This can be a trying endeavor full of wrong turns, mistakes, tough questions, and hard decisions. It is so rewarding to talk through some of these questions and decisions with students. I find it invigorating to listen to student’s concerns and I greatly enjoy experiencing day-to-day life with students.

     Gerig Hall is rich with tradition. Residents in Gerig experience life together through singing in the stairwell, spending time together in the lobby, eating together in the Dining Commons, and discovering God together through various small groups and worship services. Breuninger Hall is brand new. This beautiful new hall is filled with 150 new residents who are thrilled with the great opportunity to start a new community on the Taylor campus. It is my honor to work along side these wonderful students in both halls to help build two great, authentic Christian communities.