While Taylor has several dining options, we’ve intentionally created a place that serves the whole student body for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No matter where students live on campus, all head to the Hodson Dining Commons where they sit with their wing, sports teams, classmates or friends. The fellowship and personal growth that regularly takes place around the tables at the “DC” is a valuable part of the Taylor experience. 

Dining CommonsHodson Dining Commons (DC)

The Dining Commons, or “DC,” serves the entire student body in a self-serve buffet dining experience.


The Grille, located in the Student Union, is a smaller secondary option for seniors and students who are unable to make it to the DC for meals.

Jumping BeanThe Jumping Bean

The Jumping Bean is Taylor’s on-campus coffee shop located in the LaRita Boren Campus Center, giving it a great atmosphere to meet with fellow students, staff, and professors.