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Community is not defined by geography but rather the way we live our lives before a watching world... on or off campus.

Life Together

At Taylor, we talk a lot about the integration of faith and learning. Our faith informs what and how we teach our students. But it also informs the way we live. We believe education isn’t limited to the classroom. Nor does life stop at the classroom door. The goal of our on-campus activities isn’t just to fill the time between classes and meals. Everything we do as a community is meant to be an outworking of our faith. Whether it be intramural sports, local outreach or simply sharing a meal together, why we choose to do the things we do is as important as what we choose to do. The same is true for our off-campus and global activities. We believe community is not defined by geography but rather the way we live our lives before a watching world, whether we are on or off campus.

Don’t let our rural setting fool you. When you arrive at Taylor, it won’t take long for you to find plenty of ways to get involved. Student organizations go far beyond the “student council” experience of high school. While Taylor students develop, plan, and run many important programs for the university, we aren’t interested in just developing your leadership skills or adding items to your resume. We call our students to follow the example of Jesus Christ who came not to be served but to serve. You will find lots of opportunities for leadership but you will also find just as many opportunities to be discipled and served by those around you.

All these avenues for service come together to create an authentic community, which is living faithfully together. Our campus life is more than hanging out in the dorm with friends, leading various student organizations, or keeping busy between classes. The lessons you will learn through living life together are a vital part of the Taylor experience. Those lessons are essential to shaping your character in a unique way, equipping you to passionately serve not for just four years but for a lifetime.

Lauren is a Corporate Communications major from Decatur, Indiana who has been able to experience real community through discipleship.<p style='margin-top:10px; margin-bottom:0; text-align:right;'><a href='/studentprofile/lauren-harvey'>Read More...</a></p> Nate will graduate in 2014 with a degree in Biblical Studies. Coming into Taylor, Nate didn't know whether or not he should pursue going into ministry or medicine.<p style='margin-top:10px; margin-bottom:0; text-align:right;'><a href='/studentprofile/nate-nupanga'>Read More...</a></p>


Hey Parents

It's a mutual decision.

When your students make a decision, so do you.

As parents, you should know about Taylor and be familiar with the community that will have an impact on the life of your student.