Multi-Ethnic Student Association (MESA)

The Multi-Ethnic Student Association aims to restore broken walls, while breaking down harmful barriers that divide Taylor University. Through thoughtful programming, MESA fuels important conversations about prejudice and stereotyping, while educating the community about the psychology behind racism. Not only do they provide programs to educate, they also provide opportunities to deepen relationships between international students and the campus.  

We are a support for the Office of Intercultural Programs in a dynamic partnership that exceeds but does not exclude monetary means, promotion and marketing, strengthening and encouraging, and ultimately learning how to be servant leaders to student leaders. 

MESA puts on many events each year including:

Push My Buttons: The goal of this weeklong event put on every year by MESA, is to encourage students to really learn more about each other and be open to the differences each student has. This year MESA provided programming to allow students to hear from students who were in cross-cultural relationships. Below is a quote taken from the MESA Push My Button Week Facebook Event:

“Challenge yourself to share more than your typical highly edited story of your culture, background, and family. Then push someone's button and listen to his or her story. Sometimes it takes more than just asking. Sometimes you have to push a few buttons." 

Mosaic Night: Mosaic Night is similar to MyGen or Nostalgia Night for the Office of Intercultural Programs and MESA. Together they allow students to share parts of their culture in their own individual way. This could include dancing, story telling, singing, etc. The goal is to help students understand the cultures that make up the student body around them.