Inter-Class Council (ICC) 

Inter-Class Council helps build Christian community amongst each graduating class by hosting events for each class as well as community events that promote fellowship, growth, healthy competition, and unity.

ICC is a group of student elected class officers dedicated to promoting class and campus unity. Each class has four student representatives that work together in order to provide innovative, competitive, and interactive events. ICC puts on all school events in order to establish unity through various shared experiences. Some of these events include: 

  • Airband is the first main event each year at Taylor. Besides being a lip-syncing and dance competition, it provides an opportunity for students to bond as a wing/floor, brother-sister wing/floor, or class. Through long nights of practice and memorization, participants will make memories and friends that will last a lifetime.
  • 'J' Awards is a event program for juniors in which students are judged in several categories such as "Best Singer,” “Most Likely to be Asked on a Pick-a-Date,” “Cutest Couple,” etc. Voting is done prior to the event and results are revealed at the event.  There is also a gift given by the Alumni Office.
  • Taylathon is an activity to attend near the end of the year. It creates a strong sense of community between graduating classes as they compete to win this campus wide bike race. Practices can start as early as 4:30 AM in order for teams to prepare before students are walking about campus. It also provides great entertainment for students as they cheer on their classmates and watch some disastrous falls. The winning class has bragging rights until the next year.